For $45 per month you can make a PROFOUND difference in the life of a deaf child.

What does IDEA provide?

Elementary Students

  • Dormitory room & board
  • Transportation home on weekends
  • School uniform & supplies
  • Clothing
  • Medical & dental care

High School Students

  • Tuition, room & board at our private high school
  • School uniform & supplies
  • Clothing
  • Medical & dental care
  • Vocational Training

Most important, your sponsored child will learn about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a life long relationship with God.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive updates and letters from your child and are encouraged to correspond and send pictures to them. You are also welcome to visit any time!

Click on a photo to learn more and begin Sponsoring:

* Due to the added expense of tuition, all our High School Students have two sponsors.

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