For $45 per month you can make a PROFOUND difference in the life of a deaf child.

What does IDEA provide?

Elementary Students

  • Dormitory room & board
  • Transportation home on weekends
  • School uniform & supplies
  • Clothing
  • Medical & dental care

High School Students

  • Tuition, room & board at our private high school
  • School uniform & supplies
  • Clothing
  • Medical & dental care
  • Vocational Training

Most important, your sponsored child will learn about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a life long relationship with God.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive updates and letters from your child and are encouraged to correspond and send pictures to them. You are also welcome to visit any time!

Click on a photo to learn more and begin Sponsoring:

* Due to the added expense of tuition, all our High School Students have two sponsors.

Phil Klient

Phil Klient is a friendly, charming, and respectful young boy. He's got cute ...

Prince Jhey

Prince Jhey lives with his parents and has a lovely little sister. His father...

Rachelle Ann

Rachelle Ann is a respectful young girl. She lives with her parents and is an...


Rea is a shy young lady. She enjoys spending her vacation time at home where ...


Regin lives with his parents and has two brothers and three sisters. His fath...


Roger lives with his parents and has one brother and three sisters. To suppor...


Sarah grew up in an orphanage from the age of two when both of her parents di...

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace is a sweet, caring, and responsible young lady. The second child ...


Sherwin is a thoughtful young boy who lives with his parents, three brothers,...

Trisha Mae

Trisha Mae is a cute, charming, and friendly young girl. She comes from a sma...


Victor lives with his parents. He is the third of four children in the family...


Vincent is described by his teachers as a charming and helpful young man. Wit...


Wesley lives with his parents and two brothers. According to his parents, Wes...