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John Renz Suello

John Renz is a playful young boy who lives with his grandmother and half-sister. He is an illegitimate child and has never seen his ...

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Mary Angel Jacob

Mary Angel is a friendly girl who lives with her parents and two younger sisters. She loves to play with her sisters when she is hom...

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Mikey Elumenyl Torrejos

Mikey's teachers describe him as being determined. He is an only child and his grandparents are taking care of him while his mother,...

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Patricio Jr. Pacaldo

Patricio is an obedient young man who lives with his parents and has two brothers and three sisters. His mother stays home to take c...

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Roneil Antiola

Roneil is a respectful little boy who lives with his parents. He is the only child. His father is a construction worker while his mo...

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