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Ashley Queency is a playful young girl who lives with her parents and two older brothers. Her mother is working abroad as a domestic helper while her father keeps their small sari-sari store (conve...

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Brian is a responsible young man. He is the oldest child in the family and has two brothers and one sister. His father works as an electrician but is separated from his mother. Now, his mother is s...

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Francis lives with his parents and is the oldest of six children in the family. He has three brothers and two sisters. His father's income comes from working at a sugarcane farm while his mother st...

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Jeah is described as a little mischievous at times. She lives with her parents, brother and sister. She is the middle child. Her father works as a welder while her mother is a homemaker. Jeah is ve...

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John Michael

John Michael lives with his parents. He has two brothers and three sisters who he loves very much. His father's income comes from working as a terminal fee collector while his mother is a Barangay ...

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Mark Jeverenz is an active young boy who lives with his father and two brothers. He lives in a remote area where the main source of living is farming. His father is a coconut wine maker. Coconut wi...

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Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a good student, and her teacher says she is a hard worker. Her mother left her when she was only a few months old so she lives with her father and paternal grandparents. Because her fat...

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Ronnalyn is the third of six children in her family having one brother and four sisters. She is the only one who is deaf. The family all works together farming in order to provide for their needs, ...

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