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Aldrich Weyne Platino

Aldrich Weyne is a bright student and studies hard in school so he can have a better future. He is thankful that his grandmother is ...

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Cejay Rara

Cejay comes from a very caring and supportive family, and he loves his parents very much. He is an only child, and his father suppor...

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Gerry Mar Libres

Gerry Mar is a fun loving young boy. He was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (PDA) and had open heart surgery when he was two...

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John Paul Ampo

John comes from a loving family and is the oldest of three boys. His father is an elected government councilor while his mother take...

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Mary Thea Salan

Mary Thea is a cute and sweet little girl who loves to dance. She lives with her parents and one sister. Her father works as a labor...

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Rhean Enale

Rhean is a jolly girl who comes from a small family having only one sister. She lives with her grandmother. Her father is deceased, ...

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Sophia Marie Macalam

Sophia Marie is a charming, friendly, and intelligent young girl. She also has very expressive eyes. Sophia Marie lives with her Aun...

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