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Aira Jane

UPDATE: In March 2019, Aira Jane graduated from Bohol Deaf Academy. She is continuing her studies in public Senior High School, and has enrolled in Grade 11. Aira Jane is a sweet and frien...

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UPDATE: In March 2019, Alberto graduated from Bohol Deaf Academy. He plans to continue on to Senior High School in a public school in Tagbilaran. His older deaf siblings who are now working will...

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Alvin is a very responsible, hardworking and dependable student both in school and in the dorm. Being raised in a family whose livelihood is farming, Alvin learned how to value things and is thank...

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Angelo Paulo

Angelo Paulo is an only child whose father works as an elected village councilor. His mother died of kidney failure in 2013. Angelo Paulo is energetic and works hard to meet the demands in school...

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Argiel is a bright young man who really enjoys school. He has one brother and one sister and his parents are farmers. Argiel enjoys dancing and playing basketball with his friends from school. Hi...

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UPDATE: In March 2019, Bernadith graduated from Bohol Deaf Academy. After graduation, she headed home taking time to rest while deciding if she'll continue to public Senior High School or look fo...

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Candy is a responsible young lady. She is a transfer student from Manila. At first it was hard for her in her new environment. But she quickly became comfortable and felt that she belonged and was ...

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Carl Niño

Carl Nino is a friendly young man. He is the youngest of three siblings having one brother and one sister. He lives with his mother as his father died several years ago. His mother is a governme...

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UPDATE: In March 2019, Carlo graduated from Bohol Deaf Academy. After graduation, he headed home taking some time to rest and plans to help his father in toiling their farm. Carlo is a resp...

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Cary is a friendly young lady who now lives with her grandmother since her mom remarried and has another family. Cary has a half younger brother and two half younger sisters who live with their mo...

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Charles Daryl

Charles Daryl is an obedient young man who lives with his parents and has one brother. His father is a government employee while his mother is a teacher. His favorite subject in school is English. ...

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2019-2020 Non-returning student withdrawn from grade 9. David's family is relocating in Cebu where his father is working. David is a bright young man. He is the youngest in his family of 5 chi...

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