Although there are tens of thousands of deaf children and adults in the Philippines, IDEA is currently focusing its effort on the islands of Bohol and Leyte in center of the archipelago. 

In the Philippines, the Deaf have dedicated classrooms within the government schools. Typically there may be 1000 hearing students attending an elementary school campus along with 50 to 70 IDEA supported deaf students. The Deaf  have their own classrooms and trained teachers but are mainstreamed into some classes. There are 7 such elementary school centers supported by IDEA on Bohol and Leyte.

IDEA also founded and supports the Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA) as a private high school on Bohol.  While not a government school, it is accredited by the government.  At the High School level there is a strong focus on vocational training, often in one of IDEA's many businesses which not only employ many of the graduates but also financially support the IDEA ministry as well.  High School students who live on Leyte either attend BDA or continue on to Leyte government High Schools where IDEA helps run vocational training programs.