Unheard of: One Man's Journey to the Middle of a Miracle

Published Wed, Mar 06, 19. Written by .

Unheard of: One Man’s Journey to the Middle of a Miracle is a new documentary done by Group Productions that chronicles the journey Dennis Drake went on to find his purpose and passion in starting IDEA.

The documentary shows the struggles and hardship found in the lives of not only the deaf in the Philippines, but in the life of Dennis Drake. His flood of heartache transformed into a tsunami of hope. Betrayed, depressed, and newly divorced, Dennis Drake joined the Peace Corps to teach deaf children. He was looking for a fresh start in a tropical paradise. What he found was something much greater.

Dennis Drake’s story is one of brokenness brought into a miracle. He found his purpose and passion while overcoming hardship. While in the Philippines, he saw a need and he found a way he could fill that need. He saw a lack of community and lack of opportunities for the deaf people living in the Philippines, which brought him to where he is today: serving and providing for the deaf community over 30 years later.

The documentary follows Dennis through rural Philippine villages searching for deaf children. It joins him in the classrooms and businesses he built to educate and employ deaf students. You’ll hear stories from deaf friends whose lives were forever changed.

Unheard of is Dennis’ modern-day parable of finding lifelong purpose- one that will inspire you to find yours. You can experience the redemption, friendship, and hope as God weaved them together in the middle of a miracle.


You can learn more about the documentary at group.com or group.com/unheard-of