Intramural Games 2018

Published Tue, Oct 02, 18. Written by .

On September 26th, the Bohol Deaf Academy kicked off their Intramural Games with a parade and cheer competition. The theme of this year’s games was Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle Through Sports. The students were divided into 4 teams (green, red, blue, & purple).



On the first day of the games, they paraded around the school campus, did the lighting of the torch, pledge of sportsmanship, raised the team flags, and had the cheer dance competition. Day two consisted of many different games including: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and more. On the final day of the games, the students participated in running events from the 100 meter dash to a relay race.


The students were awarded by individual event and one team won the overall prize! The green team outdid the other three teams to win the title of champion! There were various other awards for best sportswear, Mr. & Ms. photogenic, best production number, darling of the crowd, Mr. & Ms. congeniality, darling of social media, and best interview.






As you can see from the photos, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves this year during the Intramural Games!  The students worked hard not only in the games, but also to create their outfits and decorations to make it a memorable event!