IDEA Graduate Employment

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Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGPs)

Once students at IDEA graduate, the next step is to find out what they want to do. Young adults that finish their schooling are in need of jobs, but there are very few regular businesses that are willing to hire the deaf. So, IDEA has established a number of businesses to offer employment.

All of the deaf employees are expected to become proficient in their jobs as they must compete with all other regular businesses. The hallmark of IDEA’s EIGPs is quality, good service, good facilities, and fair prices. It is on these qualities that we are able to succeed with our businesses.

If a business does generate a profit, that amount is funneled back into educating and caring for the deaf children in the schools.

Here are some of the businesses we are now involved in:


The Garden Cafe

Garden Café was opened in 1984. Initially it was a small bamboo snack center, but has undergone many renovations. The most recent was to turn the entire restaurant into an Old West themed restaurant and museum.


Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant

This small hotel is most popular with NGO (non-government organizations) and LGUs (local government units). They hold their live-in seminars and workshops here. It also caters to local and international tourists as well as group student tours.


IDEA Cafe and Pension House

This small lodging house and restaurant is located in the quaint little town of Jagna, Bohol. It is a very clean and comfortable operation offering 14 well furnished private rooms and a spacious restaurant. All agree that the Garden Café restaurant in Jagna has the best food in town!

Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc.

One of IDEA’s Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGPs) is the construction shop, now officially named Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc. (HNLC). The majority of its employees were once our deaf-student beneficiaries. HNLC offers services such as electronics/refrigeration/appliance repair, furniture and upholstery, landscaping, masonry, automotive services, welding, painting, carpentry, and many more. It works on the repair and maintenance of the EIGPs and IDEA dormitories and serves as our vocational training center for our high school deaf students. The shop is also looking forward to accept contracts outside of IDEA in the future.

Fly Tying

This industry produces artificial fishing bait. Mart Lerma, also Deaf and the only man in the group, leads a very industrious group of female workers in producing fishing flies and lures.  With over 500 patterns our ladies produce 50,000 fishing flies per month.

IDEA is dedicated to helping students not only succeed in school, but in their adult lives. These businesses offer them the opportunity to support themselves, and in many cases their family. So, some of our recent graduates may end up working at one of the places above that offers employment to deaf individuals. Your continued support and prayers make this after graduation program possible along with the IDEA schools.