Garden Cafe

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One of the businesses that supports IDEA in the Philippines is the Garden Cafe. IDEA has multiple businesses throughout the Philippines that not only provides support to the schools, but also jobs for the deaf community.

Garden Cafe is located in the heart of Tagbilaran City which is the capital of the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Over the past 24 years of operation, it has become a regular landmark in this city of nearly 200,000 people.

Most of the employees are deaf and some are graduates of IDEA schools. Considered an upscale restaurant, the air conditioned two story building looks very contemporary from the outside but holds a surprise for visitors on the inside.


Garden Cafe is actually an American Old West Restaurant / Museum. Dennis Drake, IDEA Founder, says that Filipinos have a difficult time getting out to visit other countries and other cultures so he decided to bring Montana to them. Dennis Drake is a Montana native and all of the authentic antiques displayed in the Garden Cafe are from his family and friends in Billings, Montana.


The food at the Garden Cafe is wonderful with the most extensive menu in the province. European, American, Chinese, and Filipino dishes blend together to meet the likes of all customers.

The upstairs houses the restaurant /museum portion. Not only does it have a true Old West atmosphere but it even has mounted horse saddles that customers can climb on and take a ride. Country music fills the air and a customer truly feels they are not in the Philippines anymore. It is like a mini vacation for the locals!


The exaggerated OLD WEST theme really makes Garden Cafe stick out in the otherwise tropical environment. The Cowboy theme was chosen to attract local townspeople in the City of Tagbilaran but has also become a favorite among tourists.The full size hand carved wooden horse serves as the main centerpiece of the patio.


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